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Application under RTI-act 2005

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Government level: Government of India (India)
Addressed to: Central Public Information Officer
Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi, DL 110001



NIT Hamirpur

Sub: Application under RTI Act-2005 .

Information under following points sought by me may please be provided to me uder RTI Act 2005.

1)How much money has been spent to by the institute to set up gym at Students Activity Center.

Copy of bill of machines/equipments in gym may be provided to applicant.

2) How many gyms are present in college campus as well as hostels as on 4th July 2022?

3)Most of the NITS’s and IIT’s have good gym facility in their campus.How much money has been spent by the institute on purchase of new machines/ maintenance /repair for the gyms at Kailash Boys Hostel and Neelkanth Boys hostel in last 10 financial years.(Intimate in summarized way so that information does not become voluminous).

4) If a good amount of money (as per Point 3) has been spent on maintenance /repair/purchase etc. for the gyms at Kailash Boys Hostel and Neelkanth Boys hostel , what is the reason for worst condition of gym where most of the equipments are broken ,old ,crossed the expiry period, poorly-maintained and missing.

5)Why is the opening of the gym at Students Activity Center being delayed from last 2 months even after setting up the gym completely as on 5th August 2022 ? Why are students being denied to exercise in the gym at Neelkanth Boys Hostel too ?

6) What action did college authorities take when students reported unavailability of water in Himadri Boys Hostel ? Why even after visiting of Director , problem still persists as there is no water in jet pumps in the toilets , so how will students clean themselves after going to latrine ?

7) In how much time these problems will be rectified by the institute?

Provide answers to all the points in strict order.

Thank You