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Ration depot at hyderabad

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Government level: Telangana (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
6-3-655/1/A Civil Supplies Bhavan, Somajiguda, Hyderabad, TG 500082

1. Year-wise allocation of ration from January 2021 to August 2023, specifying the quantities of each essential item (e.g., rice, wheat, pulses, sugar, etc.) provided.

2. Year-wise distribution records for the aforementioned years, including the quantities of each essential item actually distributed to beneficiaries.

3. Details of any surplus ration not distributed for each of the years mentioned in Query 1, along with an explanation for the same.

4. Any records indicating diversion, misappropriation, or unauthorized usage of ration stock, if any, for the specified period.

5. Documentation regarding quality control measures implemented at the depot to ensure the standard and safety of the distributed ration.

6. Reports or records of any audits or inspections conducted at the Ration Depot, Hyderabad, regarding its functioning and compliance with relevant regulations.

7. Any official communication or notices issued by the department or concerned authorities related to the Ration Depot, Hyderabad.

8. Records of complaints or grievances lodged by beneficiaries against the functioning of the Ration Depot, along with the actions taken to redress them.

9. Names and contact details of the current In-Charge or Head of the Ration Depot.

If any of the requested information falls under exemption clauses, please provide a written explanation citing the relevant section of the RTI Act.