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Information on post of Medical superintendents in Government Medical Colleges in Maharashtra

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Government level: Maharashtra (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
Government Dental Collage Building, St George`s Hospital Compound, Chhatrapati, Mumbai, MH 400001

1. Request for Sanctioned Posts and Pay Scale Information:

Kindly provide the current-year information, specifically for the year 2023, regarding the sanctioned number of positions for medical superintendents in each of the government medical colleges within the state. Please include details of the corresponding pay scale allocated for these positions.

2. Inquiry about Updates and Revisions:

Please specify the precise date of the most recent update or revision made by the Medical Education and Research department, Government of Maharashtra concerning the sanctioned posts for medical superintendents in government medical colleges.

3. Details on Recruitment Process:

Please provide comprehensive details concerning the recruitment process followed for the appointment of full-time medical superintendents in government medical colleges situated in Maharashtra.

4. Policy Clarification:

Kindly provide clarifications regarding the prevailing policy or guideline concerning the maximum duration that a medical teacher may assume the additional responsibility of a medical superintendent within the government medical colleges of the Maharashtra state

5. Assessment and Impact Review:

Has there been any formal assessment or review conducted to assess the impact of medical teachers concurrently serving as educators and medical superintendents on the quality of medical education and patient care within the state's medical institutions. (Yes/No)

6. Appointment Plans and Timelines:

Are there established plans or timelines currently in effect for the appointment of full-time candidates to the positions of medical superintendent, as mandated by the Maharashtra Government's General Administrative Department's resolution dated 5/9/2018, clause 5? If such plans exist, please specify when these plans are expected to be implemented.

7. Responsibility Allocation and Workload Management:

Kindly provide information regarding the allocation of responsibilities and the management of workload for medical teachers who are concurrently fulfilling the role of medical superintendents within government medical colleges in Maharashtra.