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Agriculture land passbook not received VRO MRO not working need help

2YDNWZ6N Please keep this reference code. You will need it to check on the status of this request.
Government level: Telangana (India)
Addressed to: Public information Officer
opposite Lumbani park, Tank Bund , Hyderabad , TG 500022

Dear sir CM sir did Very Good Job I have to Salute you sir

I purchase agriculture land in Ansanpali village Mandal Malaharao District Bhupalpally Land Register 2016 still date Am not received Passbook survey No 19/A 20/A 21/A on Feb 2020 I visited Mandal Office I meet VRO Triputi he told check in Meesava my land not showing online again I meet VRO Triputi i ask process I given all my land documents I waited 7 Hrs around evening he demand 5000 I will update online with in week you will get passbook because I agreed given 2000 rupees in Mandal office because I came from 120 km drive this is such a pain am doing follow up with VRO excuses then I visited Mandal office on June 2020 this delay of process I meet him you not did my job return my money because he told I Transfer

Than I meet New VRO Name Biksapati than I meet MRO Srinivas I given a letter in my land village Surpanch making graveyard construction pl clear my issue Surpanch is telling that government land MRO given instruction to VRO verify land VRO came to my land asking show your land I already showed my land this graveyard land also belong to me VRO shouting to me ask VRO Govt officer he and even show Govt points VRO doesn’t understand what complain he waste time VRO doesn’t work use less person his assist also waste Name Sathish

My cousin also same issue his survey no 21/A

He got Pahani on August 2020 I ask VRO what abt my pahani and passbook every day excuses than I ask are you lost my documents then he told give me your documents in Hanamakonda Bus Stand and he demand 5000 to get it done my passbook and pahani than he ask me do you have money I given 500 along with me my spouse also available

Sir how can I expect VRO is honest with people are honest with is work are honest with Govt because Revenue Dept mean they have to generate Revenue to Govt than employee with salary VRO are justify his salary VRO working 24 Hrs they given time to government VRO MRO filling their pockets

If all Revenue employees honest given 100% a billion Revenue will generate

Every day excuses VRO MRO not coming to office And RDO not approve your file lies telling every day

On 8 sept 2020 I meet RDO Mr.Ganesh I given letter got get my passbook work done

Sir VRO think people not humanity if VRO work discard union leader jumping VRO is honest guys

What abt people of Telangana former we are not getting 1 lack every month because your government job VRO not respect job CM sir with people of Telangana

Sir just give me a chance to carter this Dept zero issue 100% 400% increase Revenue hire us we love to work only honest

Pl help me out on this issue pl resolve it sir

Appreciate it


Mohammed khaja jamaloddin