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Request for Information about Postgraduate Medical Students' Duty Rosters and Services during COVID

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Government level: Tamil Nadu (India)
Addressed to: Public Information Officer
No.162 Poonamallee High Road,, Opposite MJRC Clinic, New Bupathy Nagar Chetpet, Chennai, TN 600031

Subject: Request for Information Regarding Postgraduate Medical Students' Duty Rosters and Services during COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to seek detailed information related to the duty rosters, service tenure, and salary disbursements concerning postgraduate MD or MS students in Tamil Nadu's medical colleges during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in alignment with the recent court judgments (W.P.No.25827 of 2023, W.P.No.25785 of 2023, and W.P.No.27568 of 2023).

1. Duty Rosters and Service during COVID-19:
   a. How were the duty rosters of postgraduate MD or MS students maintained during the COVID-19 period (March 2020 - May 2022)?
   b. What procedures or mechanisms were in place to record their service tenure in COVID-19 wards within the Government Hospitals?
   c. Were these postgraduate students compensated or paid extra salaries for their services during this period, and if so, how was this managed?

2. Compliance with Court Judgments and Incentive Marks:

a. Following the recent court judgments (W.P.No.25827 of 2023, etc.), how does the Directorate of Medical Education plan to calculate the service durations of postgraduate students who worked intermittently during COVID-19 duties?

   b. What measures or protocols are in place to accurately determine the duration for which postgraduate students were actively engaged in COVID-19 duty?
   c. How does the Dean's involvement impact the granting of incentive marks without affecting deserving candidates as per the court directives?

3. Additional Inquiries on Record Maintenance and DME's Directives:
   a. Given the challenging circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic, what measures or allowances were provided for medical colleges in Tamil Nadu regarding the maintenance of records related to postgraduate MD or MS students' duty rosters and service in COVID-19 wards?
   b. Has the record-keeping process been affected due to the pandemic situation, and if so, what steps were taken to mitigate any discrepancies or gaps in maintaining accurate service records of postgraduate students during COVID-19 duties?
   c. Could you provide information or directives issued by the Director of Medical Education (DME) to the medical colleges concerning the deployment of postgraduate students in COVID-19 duty during the specified period (March 2020 - May 2022)?
   d. What specific instructions or guidelines were provided by the DME regarding the role, duration, and recording of the services rendered by postgraduate MD or MS students in COVID-19 wards?

I kindly request comprehensive information on these matters to ensure transparency and accuracy in the assessment and allocation of incentive marks as directed by the court.