TMREIS 2021-22 . fails to furnish financial statements of

Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions Society (TMREIS) has failed to furnish the requested information for budgetary allocation and expenditure. This is notwithstanding the filing of the first appeal and the authority directing the Society to do so. Applicant Karim Ansari, from the online RTI portal, which works towards encouraging citizens to use the Right to Information (RTI) Act, last December sought details of budgetary allocations of agencies of minority welfare. A request was filed for Department. While information regarding TMREIS was submitted from FY 2019-2020, no information was given for FY 2021-22. The information was not provided despite first appeal to the Director of Minorities Welfare. “After selecting the first appeal, the Director of Minorities Welfare in a letter dated May 31 directed the Public Information Officer of TMREIS to submit the information by June 8. As of June 14, no information has come. Not giving information despite being directed to do so is against the RTI Act, which ensures accountability and transparency,” Mr Ansari said. Mr Ansari and other activists had claimed in recent days that the departments were acting very slowly in providing information. He said that due to the large number of appeals in the State Information Commission, the case listing is also getting delayed.