Cyberabad annual crime report 2022: Cyber crimes up by 25%, crimes against women down

Hyderabad: Overall crime in the Cyberabad commissionerate area reduced by 12% in 2022 as compared to 2021 while cyber crimes rose by nearly 25% and crimes against women was down by nearly 8%, according to the Cyberabad Commissionerate Annual Report 2022. In 2021, a total of 30,954 cases were reported. This number went down to 27,322 in 2022. According to the report, 80% of long-pending under-investigation cases since 2010 were liquidated. The Cyberabad commissionerate covers the urban and rural areas of Ranga Reddy, Medchal, Sanga Reddy, and Hyderabad districts. It covers a total land area of around 3,644 square kilometres, serving a population of approximately 70,00,000 people spread across 26 revenue mandals (495 villages). Cyberabad commissionerate is also home to 6,200 large, medium and small companies and public-sector enterprises like HAL and BHEL. Property offences Total property offences in 2022 decreased by 28%. Nearly 1,333 lesser property offence cases were recorded this year. The annual report states that property offence detection increased by 14.60% and recovery of property crimes by 10%. The data showed that nearly 62% of the stolen property was recovered in 2022. The recovery rate in 2021 was nearly 52%. In 2022, the highest number of property crimes were registered in Miyapur and Rajendra Nagar police station limits. Additionally, there was a 90% reduction in dacoity cases and 53% reduction in murder for gain. Drugs The Cyberabad commissionerate seized 6,474.207 kilos of ganja, 37.43 kilos of ganja plants, 141 kilos of Alprazolam, 402.3 grams of MDMA, 225 grams of Cocaine, 12.225 litres of hashish oil, and 421 grams of opium in 2022. Cyber crimes The annual report states that cyber crimes increased by nearly 25.85% in 2022. However, the total number of accused nabbed in cyber crime cases is relatively higher as compared to 2021. In 2022, 2,924 persons were arrested while in 2021 only 707 persons were arrested. Various kinds of cyber crimes were reported in the Cyberabad commissionerate: advertisement portal fraud (881), investment fraud (629), matrimonial and dating fraud (96), and trading fraud (51). As part of their 2023 goals, the Cyberabad commissionerate aims to achieve 40% increase in convictions in grave cases, create a special registry of sexual offenders, and launch an awareness campaign to encourage the usage of Dial 1930 for reporting cyber crimes. Crimes against women The number of cases of crimes against women decreased by nearly 8% in 2022. A major reduction was observed in dowry deaths and murders and bigamy. Under both these categories, the cases decreased by nearly 28%. Madhapur zone saw an 11% increase in crimes against women while Balanagar and Shamshabad zones saw a 17% and 18% decrease, respectively. Accidents A 0.7% decrease in fatal road accidents was observed in the Cyberabad commissionerate in 2022. Non-fatal road accidents decreased by 18% and non-injury road accidents decreased by nearly 39%.