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Details of Budget and Staff strenght for F.Y. 2019 - 20 Fulfilled Mumbai University (MU) Jan. 25, 2020 Feb. 29, 2020 Public Maharashtra (India)
Biometric attendance record of teaching staff department of Physics Fulfilled Mumbai University (MU) Aug. 7, 2019 Sept. 11, 2019 Public Maharashtra (India)
Information required under RTI Act, 2005 for Internal Complaints Committee Filed (Request Sent) Mumbai University (MU) Aug. 4, 2022 Sept. 14, 2022 Public Maharashtra (India)
List of the items and equipment and goods purchased by the department of physics in years 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Response (Transfer) Mumbai University (MU) Aug. 13, 2019 Sept. 18, 2019 Public Maharashtra (India)
Requesting Information(RTI Act,2005)of Internal committee of Mumbai Uni under PoSH Law (UGC 2015) Fulfilled Mumbai University (MU) Jan. 17, 2022 March 10, 2022 Public Maharashtra (India)
Establishing veracity of claims made by University of Mumbai / its functionaries / office-bearers / Heads of Department / Professors / etc regarding ready-to-eat food products preservation upto 1000 days In Progress (Not Sent) Mumbai University (MU) Oct. 10, 2019 NA Public Maharashtra (India)
Copies of Incident Reports filed by Department of Physics, University of Mumbai. Response (Transfer) Mumbai University (MU) Aug. 22, 2019 Sept. 26, 2019 Public Maharashtra (India)
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